Commemorative hand-carved breadboards and wooden kitchenware

Commemorative Breadboards

Hand-carved Breadboards are the ideal present for weddings, anniversaries, couples moving into a new house etc. I personalise them by adding names, dates or whatever inscription you wish. The boards are all made from a single piece of Sycamore which is the traditional wood that's been used for centuries. It is very stable, non tainting and hard wearing.

Please allow 6 weeks for delivery. If you have an urgent order please contact me to see if I can fulfil it.

I turn them on a Lathe, then carve your message into them by hand, using traditional methods and tools.

With the advent of the home Bread making machine,  more and more people are making their own Bread, and what's nicer than having your own personal Breadboard to cut it on?

They are fully functional, designed to be used, and will give many years of service.The lettering is  lower than the cutting surface, and so doesn't get damaged when you cut bread on the boards.

As wood is naturally anti-bacterial, breadboards usually just need a wipe with a damp cloth after tipping the crumbs off.

Size is approximately 12"x1-1.25" thick, and they all come with a Crumb ring, which apart from being useful, is a traditional feature of Breadboards.

Over time the Breadboards mellow down to a beautiful golden colour.
Naturally each Board is different and therefore unique to the couple concerned.

A note on wood colour: Sycamore varies from light to dark in colour, and can have streaks and blotches of colour running through it. This is normal and doesn't affect the function of the boards. I can't always guarantee that the boards will be free of knots, but will keep them down to a minimum.

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Dear Steve, I received the breadboard in plenty of time for my anniversary date as promised. I would like to say a special thank you to you for the efficient service but most of all for the fantastic breadboard. The craftmanship that has gone into this is magnificant. The quality and overall presentation is the best I have seen for a very long time. I can tell you have spent a lot of effort and time producing this lovely gift. My wife loved the present - something we can keep for a very very long time. I will recommend you to my friends and family - however the workmanship speaks for itself. Thanks once again.
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